Thursday, 12 April 2012

And So, The Next Chapter Begins

I couldn't help but notice these dramatic April skies whilst getting ready for work yesterday morning. It looked so beautiful that I just had to take a photograph, before it disappeared.

Yesterday was the last day I had to go to work before an amazing three weeks off. Over the next 21 days Me and Pete are travelling to Portsmouth, having our hen and stag parties, getting married and going on an incredible honeymoon. We will be returning to Spurn Point as Mr and Mrs Hanscombe, and will be ready to begin the next chapter of our lives as husband and wife!

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Easter on Spurn Point

Over the past week we have had some very low and high tides on Spurn Point. The road has been at risk of being washed away, but luckily it hasn't been damaged this time around. It did get a nice thick layer of sand, but at least it has been driveable!

This picture was taken whilst I was on my way to work (7am).

The kids totally confused about where the eggs could be!

Tom trying to secretly help the kids.

Here Dave is explaining the rules of the next game. Basically, there is a box of hard boiled eggs, with one that is not cooked. Everyone has to roll their egg down the little hill and if it hasn't cracked they must 'smash' it against their head! Only what everyone wasn't told is that the 'hard boiled eggs' weren't very hard boiled after all. I am definately glad that I had the job of holding the camera for this one.

Yes it turned out to be a very messy game, and even ended with a water fight.

First BBQ of 2012

With the warm weather March bought, we decided to have our first Spurn BBQ of the year. The men were asked to bring the benches out, and we gave them a good clean. Then Pete and Max were given the task of putting together our cheap Tesco bbq (the one we bought when we moved here, and have never used).

There's something about fire that makes a bbq a 'mans' job!

And something about a bbq that makes us women want to have 'a couple of drinks' :)

And something about those 'couple of drinks' that inevitably end in the adults on the kids toys!

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Brown Caterpillars on Spurn Point

We have been watching the nests of the brown tail moths for months, and have noticed that they have recently started changing. The warm weather we've had has brought the little caterpillars out of their nests. We are not looking forward to what they bring with them, as we have heard lots of horror stories. They shed their hairs and skins as they grow, and these cause skin irritation on contact. We have been told that we will not even be able to hang our washing on the line as the barbed hairs will get into them and cause rashes!

(Some information from
The brown-tail (Euproctis chrysorrhoea) is a moth of the family Lymantriidae. It is distributed throughout Europe.
The wings of this species are pure white, as is the body, apart from a tuft of brown hairs at the end of the abdomen. The brown coloration extends along most of the back of the abdomen in the male. In the female, the back of the abdomen is white, but the tuft of brown hairs is much bigger. The wingspan is 36-42 mm. The species flies at night in July and August and is attracted to light.
The larva is brown with red and white markings and is very hairy. These hairs provide protection for this species throughout its life cycle: the larva incorporates some into the cocoon within which it pupates; the emerging adult female collects some on its tail and uses it to camouflage and protect the eggs as they are laid. The species overwinters communally as larvae within a tough, silken tent. In areas where the species is abundant, these tents are a familiar sight, and can be seen on a huge range of plants (see list below).
The hairs break off as barbs and on contact with skin can cause rashes, skin irritation, headaches and breathing difficulties. The species should be handled using protective gloves at all stages of its life cycle. After accidental contact, people should wash their hands in soapy water and clear their eyes using an eyewash.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

A seal that doesn't like water?!

Last weekend we had our friends (Bob, Katrina and Cameron) to visit, from the South. We all went for a walk, and decided to climb over onto the beach by the lighthouse. As we got to the top of the slope we could see a little seal, just at the water line, so decided to go and have a closer look. Usually the seals here don't let people get too close before they disappear back into the water, however this little seal did not seem in the slightest bit bothered about us geting closer and closer. We got to just a few metres away and the seal actually pulled itself towards us to sniff Cameron's feet! We were fascinated, so all got our phones out to try and capture photographic evidence of it. As we were filming a short video (on the phone) a small wave tumbled up the beach and touched the seal. Our little friend obviously did not like that... we decided that the water was either too cold, the seal didn't like swimming or maybe there was something wrong with it. We were beginning to worry that it was ill and too weak, but it shocked us by pulling himself all the way up the beach and as far from the water as possible. We watched him for a bit longer before heading home for some dinner. We went to check on it as darkness fell, and he was still sat there but seemed happy enough still. We checked again once the sun was shining, and were surprised to see that he was still there! This time I took my camera and managed to get a few pictures of him.


He didn't seem too bothered by our company, but we thought it seemed a bit strange that he hadn't moved for nearly a whole day. So the local seal sanctuary people were called, just to be on the safe side. I don't know the outcome of their visit yet, but will try and find out!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Spurn Point looks great even without the sun

Sun, Sea and Sand... almost feels like summer!

After a chilly February we have started March with gorgeous sunny days and temperatures that rival the rest of Europe. We have been making the most of the longer, warmer days and been going for lots of walks.