Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Easter on Spurn Point

Over the past week we have had some very low and high tides on Spurn Point. The road has been at risk of being washed away, but luckily it hasn't been damaged this time around. It did get a nice thick layer of sand, but at least it has been driveable!

This picture was taken whilst I was on my way to work (7am).

The kids totally confused about where the eggs could be!

Tom trying to secretly help the kids.

Here Dave is explaining the rules of the next game. Basically, there is a box of hard boiled eggs, with one that is not cooked. Everyone has to roll their egg down the little hill and if it hasn't cracked they must 'smash' it against their head! Only what everyone wasn't told is that the 'hard boiled eggs' weren't very hard boiled after all. I am definately glad that I had the job of holding the camera for this one.

Yes it turned out to be a very messy game, and even ended with a water fight.

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