Tuesday, 6 December 2011

The Christmasy Homes of Spurn Point

Now all of the houses are starting to look very Christmasy, with the flashing lights and figurines! The relief house is looking a bit dark and lonely though, so we may have to find some spare lights to get it more in the Christmas spirit! Most of us gathered together this evening to enjoy the lights, despite the cold! Maybe we'll even get some snow (we hope so anyway!)

Some of the residents of Spurn enjoying the lights and a cheeky glass of mulled wine :)

Superintendent Coxswain Dave and wife Karen.

Crew Steve and family: Rach and Thomas.

Crew Col Junior and family: Sarah, Lacie and Masie.

Mechanic Max and family: Heidi, Chloe and Alfie.

Second Coxswain Martyn and his family: Gail, Dane, Shaunie and Shannon.

Our house may need a few more lights outside!! Looking a bit dark in our corner.

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