Saturday, 10 December 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

It has certainly been feeling quite chilly this past few days, and this morning I looked out the window over a white field and square. Despite living a few miles out at sea we had a layer of ice with what looked like a light dusting of snow on top. We have our fingers crossed for a real covering of snow, but not until we have had chance to fill the kitchen cupboards!

Today I went with Heidi, Chloe and Alfie into Hull. We got a lift in a 4x4 to get off of Spurn Point, and to collect my car so we got to see what the sea did to the road last night. The mounds of sand that were beside the road are now on top of the road. The sections of bricks that make the road are now buried deep under the sand! What we really need here are some proper sea defences and a proper road. The residents of Spurn Point are just ordinary people who live in an extraordinary place, and all we want is to be able to get home!

Whilst we were waiting to be picked up by the 4x4 I couldn't help but grab the camera to capture this fantastic wintery sunset. The skies looked amazing, and the sinking winter sun reflected over the mud of the Humber Estuary. Also, if you look closely at the second image you'll be able to make out Spurn's lighthouse, on the horizon. I watched whilst the birds stomped on the mud looking for worms, but not for long as my fingers were rapidly turning blue!

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