Thursday, 1 December 2011

Oh, the weather outside is frightful...

Seeings as it is now December I thought a Christmasy theme would be good :) We actually put the tree up nearly a week ago, but lets not dwell on that! Most of the decorations are edible, and the only reason they may last until Christmas Day is because Pete is not here!

I think the Square is being decorated over the weekend (well hopefully!) and then I'll make sure there are plenty of pictures for that! We are having a big tree in the middle of all our houses and a little tree on each house. Then everyone will be competing to have the best looking house with lights and snowmen, reindeers and santas!

Work has started on the road, which took quite a beating this week! I am hoping to go and have a look tomorrow, and then photographs will follow!
It is not only the road that suffered at the hands of the weather this week. With all the wind, we were confused by what sounded like things hitting the windows and side of the house. It turns out that the wind was picking up the soil, from the back garden, and throwing it at the house. Some of the soil was even thrown right over the house!!

It has uncovered a few hidden carrots!

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