Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Seal on the beach :)

This morning I got a call from my neighbour Heidi saying that she could see a seal on the beach, overlooking the Humber Estuary. I grabbed the camera and we climbed over the beach ladder to get a closer look. The little thing seemed quite happy on the beach, and we just watched it for a bit. It looked right at us and then went for a swim and disappeared out of sight. The sun was shining, but it really was a cold wintery morning!

After getting the feeling back into our numb fingers, we decided to put the little Christmas trees up on the side of our houses and put my outside lights up. Seeings all the men were out on the boat and Pete is away we figured we would just get the saw out for the trees and get up that ladder! It was probably quite a sight watching Me and Heidi carrying the ladder around the square and attempting to lean it up against the house, but we managed it somehow.

There's no stopping us!

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