Wednesday, 28 December 2011

An Early Christmas Day

We had some of my family come to stay for the week before Christmas, and so we had an early Christmas Day on the 23rd December. After putting the chicken in the oven we put on our warm clothes to go and have a closer look at the Lifeboat (as the men had to do an exercise).

After warming up with cups of hot chocolate, we set about cooking our first ever Christmas Roast Dinner! Infact it is the first roast dinner Pete and I have done on our own (well, with some guidance from my Mum). It was actually a great success, and the dishwasher did not have to work too hard as we all left clean plates!

My brother and his girlfriend.

Pete and Me :)

My parents and Pete's in laws (nearly!)

Us getting into the Christmas spirit!

Despite the Christmas dinner being a great achievement, we had a bit of drama later that night. We had put the remains of the chicken into the slow cooker, and we decided to drain the stock before we went to bed. However, Pete decided to add a bit of flavour in the form of his arm by accidentally tipping the boiling contents over his arm! So we ended up having to drive to the nearest hospital in Hull, to sit in A+E for a few hours. His arm was covered in cream and bandaged up and we had to go back on Christmas Day to see how it was recovering. Luckily for Pete they re-dressed his arm and he was told he could go back to work and was also allowed on the boat if the pager went off.

This Christmas on Spurn Point will be in our memories for a very long time :)

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